Dream Pu$h Music

Dream Pu$h Music University

Dream Push Music University Inc. is doing its part to ensure musical opportunities and careers are accessible to everyone with a heart for music.

A pioneering music program for underserved, at-risk youth and young adults, DPMU brings the path to the passion. We’re committed to cultivating the Next Generation’s love of music through education and empowerment. Even though proven to improve academics, music programs in schools are constantly in danger of being cut due to shrinking budgets. According to a study by Arte Music Academy, children who study a musical instrument are more likely to excel in all of their studies, work better in teams, have enhanced critical thinking skills, stay in school and pursue further education. The National Association for Music Education cites emotional development, increased concentration, fine-tuned auditory skills, creative thinking/expression, teamwork, responsible risk-taking and better self-confidence as only a few of the many benefits of musical education.

An innovative 501(c)(3), DPMU Inc. is a comprehensive program reaching students and young adults at various background levels, socioeconomic statuses, experiences and influences. Program participants are provided a safe space, state-of-the-art equipment studio, instructors and musical instruments to spread their creative wings. Afterschool homework assistance, mentoring and tutoring is also available. Students are introduced to all facets of music including production, recording, sales, marketing and distribution by industry-leading artists and producers. Local and international musicians, promoters and managers visit DPMU regularly to give students feedback and help set goals to develop and hone their skills. In group and individual settings, students receive string, percussion, wind, hip-hop, country, pop, jazz and vocal lessons in all genres of music. A balanced, nutritional meal is available each day to students; ensuring our pilot program meets the physical and developmental needs of DPMU undergrads and graduates. Graduates of our program remain on-hand as instructors and mentors for incoming and current students. We accept students year round, the program is available to groups aged 4-18 and we proudly accommodate special needs students.