Dream Pu$h Music

Team Member – Original Flow

Hip Hop artist, Poet and Producer Original Flow is a wordsmith with a message.

Following in his father’s MC footsteps, Original Flow continues to defy mainstream music molds through conscious lyrics of positivity and triumph. Born Christopher G. Acoff, a truly organic on-stage delivery and distinctive “Old School” feel has led to an impressive following in his hometown of Oklahoma City.

A member of experimental Hip Hop group The Fervent Route, Original Flow considers the group an artistic blend of A Tribe Called Quest and The Roots. The live-arrangement band consists of drummer Soulful, keyboardist Andrew, electric guitarist Danyoson and bassist Wes.

Original Flow wholeheartedly supports the presence of music in the lives of children and often raises money through volunteer performances in support of local music programs facing budget cuts. He reinforces his commitment to community by proudly serving on Dream Push Music University’s Board of Directors. He also is Oklahoma’s 1st artist to work with Zach on a project. “I feel excited, thrilled I get a chance to work with a similar minded individual. I think this will pu$h both of our artistic abilities.

Original Flow encourages current and rising artists to preserve the storytelling component of music. “All music has a story to tell and both have been around since the dawn of time. We must keep that. We must. When we remove the ‘human aspect,’ music becomes less and less human or real. You can’t relate and so it’s just…there. Regardless if the story is a happy one or not, tell your story. Remain with the human aspect we can all identify with and continue to share it with others.”