Dream Pu$h Music

Program Manager – Kennedy Denton

Kennedy Denton

Community youth leader and classically trained musician Kennedy Denton serves as Program Manager for Dream Push Music University.

Denton brings years of compassionate community activism experience and extensive music comprehension to the DPMG family. She has created Go Bags in Oklahoma; created in 2015, Go Bags have been distributed to hundreds of underserved individuals and families around her home state. Go Bags consist of essential hygiene products, first-aid kits, monetary assistance, clothing, healthy snacks, water, a list of community resources and inspirational messages.

An accomplished violist, Denton encourages women and young girls to discover healthy forms of self-expression in response to life’s daily challenges. She considers music a powerful therapeutic healing agent and works diligently in her community to introduce “music as medicine” for children and young adults.

“Music extends beyond the limitation of language. We feel the melody and sentiment beneath every note regardless if we understand the lyrics. At Dream Push Music University, we are giving area youth an opportunity to explore their emotions and musical interests in a safe space where wraparound services exist to meet their every need. From clothing and food to tutoring and shelter, we are passionately dedicated to the development of our future musical leaders.”

Denton’s classical music background will greatly assist DPMG’s focused effort to familiarize students with fundamental principles, instruments and composition styles. A diversified approach to music will ensure cross-cultural influences and shared experiences among participants, key components to revolutionizing industry standards and trends.