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Dream Pu$h MGMT

We put recording artists and musicians in the driver’s seat; let us fine-tune your musical aspirations.

Maintain and preserve creative control and commercial rights while promoting your compositions to markets around the world. From sound and image development to bookings, contracts and marketing strategies; DPMG is with you every step of the way. DPMG is committed to revolutionizing how music is produced, shared, marketed and enjoyed. We do this by only releasing material produced to the highest world-class, release-ready standards. As a release-ready artist, you will be able to maintain artistic and commercial control of not only your recordings and royalties, but of your career as well. DPMG preserves your competitive edge through commercial opportunities including advertising, radio, television, video, film, digital sales, audio recordings, composition, web, publishing and licensing. DPMG understands most music careers begin with a dollar and a dream which is why we offer financial assistance and low-cost recording options. At DPMG, economic status will not hinder the realization of your dreams.