Dream Pu$h Music

About DPMG

Dream Push Music Group is the industry’s premier independent record label specializing in talent discovery, audio production and artist management.

Based in Oklahoma City, DPMG utilizes local and international industry relationships to assist rising artists and emerging young professionals looking to make their global mark on the industry.

Whether you’re behind the mic or behind the control board, DPMG empowers you with all of the essential development tools needed to fortify and hone your craft. We are a team of industry professionals dedicated to next generation sound and distribution.

Music is one of the most powerful healing elements on the planet, setting emotions and experiences to melody. It connects us, moves us and pushes us to new heights of shared self-expression. Unlike most music labels, DPMG honors your creativity and unique talents. We keep our ears to the streets of musical and cultural trends, always seeking to redefine industry standards.

DPMG’s state-of-the-art recording studio provides a safe, creative space for singers, songwriters, musicians, artists, musical groups and bands to record, market and distribute their musical creations. Let our gifted team of professionals move your dream forward. Our years of experience will become your platform to success, optimizing and increasing your opportunity to achieve commercial success in either the entertainment or music industries.

We care about our artists and treat your dreams as seriously as our own.

DPMG specializes in all facets of music, from creation to commercial distribution. The advancement of technology and music digitalization allows a song to travel around the world at the click of a button. Let DPMG set you apart from the rest. We welcome all artists, songwriters, beat beasts, instrumentalists, vocalists and producers to join our family of performers and entertainers.